Safety in General

Buddy.Dating wants our community to be safe. We do not tolerate defamation, bullying, harassment or discrimination on our portal. This also applies to safety. Please report safety issues or inappropriate behavior in a message to in the community or send an email to

We are not able to perform background checks. Verifications can be done with us by matching socialmedia such as Facebook, Linkedln, Twitter etc.. Many members verify themselves with their passport.  Nevertheless, we can not exclude unacceptable behavior.  Therefore, it is important that our community reports unacceptable behavior to us. Fraudsters, fake accounts and perpetrators of violence or other relevant people active on our platforms will be banned from our platform immediately.

Below are some examples of things that we can not tolerate for the protection of our members: Demands for money; underage users; harassment, threats and abusive messages; inappropriate or harmful behavior during or after a face-to-face meeting; fraudulent profiles; spam or advertisements, including links to commercial websites or attempts to sell products or services, forex/cryptocurrency scams, etc.

Never share personal information such as your social security number, bank account or credit card numbers, home/work address, phone numbers, or details about your daily routine with people you do not know. If another user asks you for money, report it to us immediately.

Communicate on the website and in the app.

Communicate only on our Buddy.Dating online portal. Users with bad intentions often try to quickly shift the conversation to text, messaging apps like What's App, Telegram, Viber, email or phone.

Meet virtually first

Before you meet in person, you should meet virtually by using Buddy's video chat feature. This way you can verify that your potential date actually matches the profile picture and they can get a better feel for the date's personality.

First date safety

When you meet for the first time, make sure it's in a public place. Tell someone close to you the name of your date, what you're wearing, where you're going, and when - and that you'll contact them once you get home safely. Take control of your transportation and preferably arrange for a ride yourself.

Meet the Buddy Dating that are booked through Buddy dating are safe. We take care of everything that is required. From the hotel booking to the first date, driver, interpreter or what our members and special requests agree with us. In addition to an accurate cost overview, there is also due security.

Trust your instincts

It's okay to politely leave the date early if you feel uncomfortable. If your instincts tell you something is wrong or you feel unsafe, leave immediately. If necessary, ask for help from the restaurant staff or staff in the area of your appointment location, or speak to our on-site staff at our organized meetings.

Another note on data security

All personal information we collect is confidential and will never be disclosed to third parties.