ukraine and slavic woman

Ukraine and slavic women

It is no secret that Ukrainian women are in demand all over the world. A great number of men are still trying to understand what exactly is the magic of Ukrainian women. You all know the following situation. There are people with whom spending time and talking is so pleasant that one does not look for the "why" to explain this phenomenon to begin with. Exactly the same is true for Ukrainian women. The fact that they are great has been known for decades.

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But, why every single man better hurry up to enjoy this pleasure as well, remains to be explained. In our article we will inform you about how and where you can best meet Ukrainian women, what to consider when dating and how you can finally happily find your life partner.

So, if you are a dating newbie and should have rediscovered the advantages of Ukrainian ladies for yourself only recently, now comes your chance to listen to the experienced "lucky guys" and soon find yourself in the same position.

What makes Ukrainian women stand out?

First of all, every man should know that it is a good decision to look for a Ukrainian partner. He can also be sure that he will soon find a worthy partner.

Here are probably the most important facts about Ukrainian women that will bring you closer to why these women are so desirable and why dating Ukrainian women is so much fun. So let's get started!

Ukrainian women are attractive

Let's face it, this fact always plays an important role after all! If not consciously, then subconsciously for sure. After all, every man is looking for a beautiful woman who will give him beautiful children. And this is even scientifically proven! Between two women, an average and healthy man will always prefer the one who looks better visually. If we talk about Ukrainian women, they are real beauties, which is true for a large part of Slavic women as a whole. We are talking about natural beauty, which means that when you wake up in the morning, you will not get a fright when you see her lying next to you in bed without makeup. Natural beauty is stunning in any situation. Natural beauty also means that a woman is healthy, fertile and desirable. Hard to deny it, isn't it? You might counter that German or other european women, after all, are beautiful too. However, the total number of such women will always be lower than Ukrainian women.

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Sense of order

Both the appearance of their clothes and the cleanliness of their home will convince you. Despite the fact that Ukraine is a post-Soviet country and fashion here has hardly developed in recent decades, women here are always trendy and are in no way inferior to Europeans. Ukrainian ladies have a rare ability by nature - they notice every look. This is especially true of looks from a male direction.

Their charisma primarily affects their stunning looks. Accordingly, if a Ukrainian woman prefers to wear flashy dresses and heels, the more confident and active her nature will be.

True friends

Ukrainian women are not only great partners, but also true buddies. Nowadays it is rather a rarity to have a soulmate by your side who not only loves you, but also listens to you, can give you advice, understand you and help you when necessary.

We all know that the primary attraction and the former infatuation diminish in the course of a long-term relationship. A good friend by your side, coupled with a generous helping of respect, allows to make life easier and more comfortable.

To sum up, Hong Kong bloggers not long ago compiled a list of the most worth seeing places for tourists. They took into account not only the cities themselves, with their sights, entertainment options and skyscrapers, but also the beauty of the female national sex. Not surprisingly, Ukraine takes the 1st place in the last aspect.


Just like all other women, Ukrainian ladies love to receive small surprises and gifts every now and then. They enjoy the attention of men and can't get enough of it. Many men think that gifts are only appropriate on special occasions, such as anniversaries and birthdays. However, if you want to impress a Ukrainian lady, you need to be aware that there are also many religious holidays spread throughout the year and among them almost all are celebrated. Of course, now you don't have to worry about a gift on Independence Day. But Christmas, New Year and Easter should always be remembered as important days.

Accordingly, what is the best gift for a Ukrainian woman?


All women, no matter what age group they belong to, love to receive compliments. Men who give compliments give the impression of being polite, charming and generous. The line between simple admiration and a rude compliment is very easy to cross. When dating a Ukrainian girl, you should follow our tips regarding giving compliments.


The best way to flatter a Ukrainian woman is to be honest. The more sincere you are while trying to flatter her, the better. Honesty is also one of the important pillars for a long and stable relationship.

Don't overdo it

Probably the biggest mistake all men make is when they try to give compliments for anything. In most cases, spontaneous positive remarks about (hair and clothes) are quite enough.

Be attentive

A new updo for which she took a long time until it is perfectly matched with clothes and accessories. If something like this catches your eye and you comment on it positively, the reward won't be long in coming.

Understand that she craves compliments.

Usually, Ukrainian women try to discreetly point out that it would be good to give a compliment right now. Therefore, you should never miss the chance to respond to questions like, "Did you see the shoes I bought yesterday?" or "Did you notice that there is something different about me today than usual?". Silence and being mute is not the right way and will harm your relationship.

How to impress a Ukrainian woman

1. be, yourself. Nothing can replace yourself. Of course, sometimes it is necessary to work self-critically on your own character, to improve certain qualities. But with a good core, changes are possible much faster. Don't forget, body language, way of speaking, clothing - none of it is able to replace yourself as a person.

2. Be a man of your word. Do what you say you will do. It's so simple, but only a quarter of all men on earth put it into practice. All you should pay attention to is to be honest with your wife and reliable with your own intention.

3. be confident. Undoubtedly, every woman wants a confident man. However, what does it mean to be a confident man? You have nothing to be ashamed of. A confident man should be proactive and always determined. Thus, a Ukrainian woman will be impressed if you organize a romantic date all by yourself. Choose the right place or arrange a candlelight dinner.

What Ukrainian ladies do not like


Untruth is on the top of the lists of dislikes of Ukrainian women. Lies destroy everything you have built together over many years. Lack of trust is the worst nightmare for any kind of relationship. Be as always honest when dating a Ukrainian girl.


A relationship is the union of two people who love, respect and care for each other. If a man is selfish, a priori he cannot be a good partner and make a woman happy. An example of this terrible quality is a workaholic. Yes, you can work a lot every day and still see your partner every day, but how deep are such meetings? Is your relationship developing as a couple? A bouquet of flowers, a quick "hello" and "bye" each day will not work and will hardly sustain your relationships in the long run. Therefore, a man should always give a lot of attention to a Ukrainian woman so that she knows she is loved and needed.


A terrible thing that in most cases is not forgiven by Ukrainian ladies. Even if you would promise not to do it again, the distrust will become a barrier between the two of you for the rest of your lives.


If a grown man is somehow still the eternal child of his mother and still asks for mommy's opinion in every difficulty, it will not lead to anything good. A suitable partner for a Ukrainian woman, is like the rock - an absolute protector.

Bad behavior

In most cases, a healthy man and woman have healthy offspring. However, what happens when a healthy woman has a child with a drug or alcohol addict? If you don't want to find out, try to find a woman of your milieu and don't surround yourself with such depraved ladies.


The Ukrainian dating culture

For Ukrainian women, dating culture is very important. Dating is an important part of every lady's life. Ukrainian women are no exception. Every woman writes her own novel while dating a man. No wonder that there are certain rules or even customs how the whole dating process should look like.

Most Ukrainian ladies act according to old tradition - a couple meets for more than half a year and several times a week - until they finally commit. Nowadays the tradition has advanced to a new level - online dating. This way, the search field is wider, the possibilities are countless and the whole process is much more targeted and faster. So singles can now date online for a whole month and find out very quickly what exactly they want from each other and just as quickly move on to the next level of a relationship. Online dating is becoming more and more popular. Because all you need is access to the internet and the URL of a reliable dating website. 


How to talk with Ukrainian ladies

The dialogue with a Ukrainian girl can be made quite diverse. We can divide them into several types: a flirty talk, a dirty talk, compliments, etc. For each approach you need to know the appropriate situation (in fact, it is clear). Also, everything you say must be pleasant to the ear and easy to understand. Short, but simple and clear sentences are always better than poems, if we do not start from the conversation with a philologist. Perceiving complicated sentences can confuse a Ukrainian woman or, worse, make her misunderstand the whole speech. Then there will be no point in trying to impress her with your oratory.

Living together at a distance

There are many couples who live in a partnership without living together permanently. So it can be that you meet now and then, because the couple is separated by hundreds of kilometers and the relationship has the status of a long-distance relationship. Sometimes such relationships can last for years and have a happy ending. But usually such a love fairy tale ends much earlier and in a very bad way.

Life in a partnership without a firm commitment is popular. Most modern couples do not make a firm commitment until they have lived with their partner in the same household for at least one month. This experience can show whether you are suited to each other and how likely it is that you will live together harmoniously in the future. Living together without a permanent commitment is a kind of check before taking the next serious step. Finally, most Ukrainian women long for a church wedding. The decision to get married in church is a serious step that is taken only once in a lifetime. Couples married in church are united for life. There is no divorce in the church. Accordingly, Ukrainian women tie the knot for life with a soul mate for eternity.

So, if you are not ready to spend your whole life with your partner, you should not strive for a relationship with a Ukrainian woman.


Where you can meet Ukrainian ladies

There are so many places where you can find attractive and fascinating Ukrainian women worth getting your attention. Here we will mention the most popular among these places.

The night

The most mysterious time to meet Ukrainian woman is the night. During these hours it is hard to predict if you have chosen the right lady or if the hunt should go on. At night many other active men are hunting and so you have to be quick to make good prey. Therefore, this way of getting to know each other is not highly recommended if you are looking for serious relationships. Nightclubs, cafes and restaurants open around the clock are very popular. Some night owls indulge in night walks under the stars. So if you are looking for an adventurous woman in Ukraine and still don't know where to look, head for places like parks, lakes and waterfronts.

The day

Locating a suitable lady during the day is significantly easier than at night. Good places to hunt are shopping malls (whether you're looking for a housewife or a fashionista), cafes at lunch (if your target is a workaholic), university campuses (if you're interested in smart students or hot grad students), and similar places. So, to spot interesting ladies, you should just leave the house more often.


Searching for the dream woman online is an advanced additional search option. You select the characteristics that are important to you, set individual limits and make contact - this way is similar to a request to a modeling agency.

Thus, bad-looking guys often score in online dating, even if they don't put down many point charges in the real one. Also, the country you live in doesn't matter. In fact, let it be a desert island. If you have a net connection there, you can hunt even there. But serious relationships can develop only when you are face to face with a woman.


Relationships with a Ukrainian girl

Any kind of relationship is always challenging. Usually it requires compromise and dedication. However, the most difficult part is meeting a person who will be with you for the rest of your life. Sometimes it is very difficult to understand the inside of a person right away, especially when we are talking about a Ukrainian woman.



If you dare to meet Ukrainian women, you will not be disappointed. These ladies are prime examples of femininity, beauty, modesty, sexiness and hospitality at the same time. They are the perfect woman to start a family with. If you have a Ukrainian girl, you will have a combination of a top model and a super housewife by your side.